Surgical and Audiological Outcomes of Wet Versus Dry Temporalis Fascia Graft in Type 1 Tympanoplasty


  • Hemn Hussain Othman College of Medicine, Sulaimanyah University, Sulimanyah, Iraq.
  • Hiwa Asaad Abdulkareem College of Medicine, Sulaimanyah University, Sulimanyah, Iraq.



Objectives: Evaluate the surgical success and postoperative hearing outcome of type 1 tympanoplasty using temporalis fascia graft in its wet versus its dry fashion.

Methods: A prospective randomized comparative study which was conducted in Sulaimanyah otorhinolaryngology & head and neck surgery centre between October 2018 and November 2019  on patients with sign and symptom of tympanic membrane perforation who underwent type1 tympanoplasty in 2 groups in whom wet graft used in one group, and dry graft used in the other group, these patient followed up after 3 month for graft take and postoperative hearing.

Results: Of the 29 patients included in the study in 15 of them dry graft used and the graft take was 86.7% and in 14 of the wet graft used and the take rate was78.6%, postoperative mean hearing gain was 14.07 dB in the dry graft group and 12 dB in the wet graft group, all cases in both group had improvement in hearing (P value= 0.001), but neither wet nor dry was better than the other (P value=0.345). Graft take and hearing gain in different site and size of perforations were not significant, graft take rate was 100% in small size and 50% in subtotal perforation, hearing gain was 14.50 dB for subtotal perforation and 9.50 dB in small size perforation, mean time of wet graft group with 75.36 minutes were shorter significantly than the dry graft with 95 minutes with (P value=0.001).

Conclusion: The Nature of the temporalis fascia not affect the outcome type 1 tympanoplasty, and temporalis fascia is a good graft material regarding the success rate and hearing gain, however the wet Temporalis fascia graft use may shorten the operation time.


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