Study of the most prevalent parasitic diseases especially pinworm among children aged (5-12years) in various areas of Dhi Qar Governorate


  • Mahmood Razzaq Mashar Askar Department of Biology, Imam AL-Kadhum College, Baghdad, Iraq



parasitic infestations, Enterobius vermicularis, Appendicitis, Diagnosis, children.


Objective: This study included investigating the quality and prevalence of external and internal (intestinal) parasites among children in various regions at Dhi Qar government. The current study also aimed to focus on and find out the relationship between pinworm infection and appendicitis.

Methods: The study was conducted during the period between February and July in the year 2023. The study included 100 patients infected with one or more types of ecto or intestinal parasites of both sexes, their ages ranged from 5 to 12 years. A clinical examination was performed for them by a pediatrician and they were sent to the laboratory to conduct the necessary laboratory tests.

Results: The current study revealed that a number of parasitic infections, whether external or internal, are associated with anemia and malnutrition in children, in addition to poor psychological condition. Some cases of parasitic worms, especially pinworms, were associated with acute appendicitis.  A number of histopathological changes were found after examining the excised organ histologically These changes included necrosis of the sub mucosal layer, erosion of the mucosal lining, and an abundance of fibroblasts in the muscle and serum layers.

Conclusion: Acute appendicitis due to E. vermicularis is a very rare occurrence. The histopathological analysis of resected specimens should pay special attention to search for this parasite for adequate post-operative treatment of patients.


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