Para-vertebral intramuscular platelet rich plasma vs. subcutaneous ozone injection for chronic low back pain


  • Abdullah Ahmed Mohammad Al-Mansoor primary health center, Kirkuk, Iraq
  • Hayder Ghali Wadi Algawwam ONG Onlus, Sulaymaniyah, Iraq


Back pain, Pain Management, Platelets Rich Plasma, Ozone, Iraq


Objectives This study aimed to investigate the comparison between Para-vertebral intramuscular platelet rich plasma and subcutaneous ozone injection for patients with chronic low back pain.

Methods This is a retrospective study of 102 patients (68 females and 34 males) with severe chronic LBP treated by subcutaneous ozone or para-vertebral IM-PRP in a private clinic in Kirkuk, Iraq over 2 years period (July 1st, 2016–June 30th, 2018). A sample of patient’s own blood was used to prepare PRP by a process of two repeated centrifugation. Longevity resources EXT50 Ozone Generator with oxygen tank and CGA870 Oxygen Regulator were used. The response to therapy was graded as excellent, good, fair and poor.

Results The mean age was 52.5± 1.5 years. Two thirds of patients received PRP and one third received O3. Three injections were sufficient to get fair, good and excellent response in all patients managed with para-vertebral I.M PRP injection, while most of the patients (79.4%) treated with subcutaneous ozone injection required six injections to get such responses. Although 88.2% of patients had at least one co-morbid condition, no patient experienced a poor response in either group. Conclusion Although Ozone and PRP are inexpensive therapies, they seem to be safe and effective in palliating chronic LBP pain.


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