Acute peritoneal dialysis in children (indication and complication)


  • Ali Adnan Nabat Alajrish Ministry of Health, Baghdad, Iraq.
  • Abbas Khudhair Abbas Alwasity Ministry of Health, Baghdad, Iraq.
  • Ahmad Adnan Nabat Alajrish Ministry of Health, Baghdad, Iraq.



Acute peritoneal dialysis, Children, Indication, Complication


Objectives: The aim of this study was to review the Indications and complications Acute peritoneal dialysis.

Method: A descriptive study was performed in pediatric central teaching hospital in Baghdad City on fifty-nine cases was admitted for peritoneal dialysis for different reasons.

Results: show that the pre renal causes of PD was the most common cause which represent more than sixty percent followed by chronic renal failure and other causes, acute gastroenteritis as a cause of renal failure is most commonly seen in the first four years of life while calculi mostly seen after age of two years, sepsis is seen in the first two years of life,  Catheter blockage was the most common complication followed by bleeding and other complications, Indications for acute peritoneal dialysis in the study group uremic symptom and  oliguria was the most common indications , male to female incidence is nearly equal.

Conclusion: PD was the most common cause of CKD, chronic renal failure, acute gastroenteritis, sepsis and catheter blockage was the most common complication followed by bleeding and other complications.


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