Case study of COVID 19 from August to end of December 2020 in Babylon, Iraq


  • Muhanad Hadi Abbood Babylon Health Directorate, Ministry of Health, Babylon, Iraq.
  • Jabbar Sirhan Hassan Babylon Health Directorate, Ministry of Health, Babylon, Iraq.
  • Aqeel Jassim Mehammed Babylon Health Directorate, Ministry of Health, Babylon, Iraq.



Case Reports, COVID-19, Babylon, Iraq


Objectives: The aim of study is to study Case study of COVID 19 in Babylon Province in Iraq. Method: In January 2021 we started searching for the official source for the numbers of people infected with COVID19 within the borders of Babylon Governorate, where the Babylon Health Department was reviewed, and after that we were directed with official authorization to the Public Health Department in Babylon Governorate / Department of Communicable Diseases / Respiratory Diseases Unit (weekly periodic visit). Where the official numbers were obtained for the number of infected people and the number of deaths that occur due to complication with this infection, as well as the number of recovery cases from the date of 01/08/2020 to 01/01/2021. Results: related to the number of infected cases we see decrease the no. of infected with corona virus in Babylon Governorate from beginning the study to become lest at the end of 2020 with the significant decrease (P < 0.05) (The highest infected cases were notices in first month (1/8 – 31/8) while the lowest cases were seen in last month (1/12 – 31/12)) that may be due to: The main cause may be the most people may have gained herd immunity or population immunity, is the indirect protection from an infectious disease that happens when a population is have immunity developed through previous infection, that may refer to the end of first wave of this pandemic which start from the June. Conclusion: Knowing the pathogenesis of the virus and risk factors, increasing the experience of doctors and working cadres, increasing clinical capacity, providing specialized treatments, increasing the number of ICU beds, in addition to increasing the number of respiratory ventilators and increasing the number of tests.


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Abbood, M. H., Hassan, J. S., & Mehammed, A. J. (2021). Case study of COVID 19 from August to end of December 2020 in Babylon, Iraq. Iraq Medical Journal, 5(3), 104–107.